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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> rob: and the eve of the courtroom battle, the fbi may have found a way to crack the iphone without the help the apple. >> cammy: he watched his best friend take a last breath. tonight, the quest to find out who killed him and why. >> rob: good evening everybody. >> cammy: apple and the fbi were
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courtroom but that's been put he on hold because they feds say they may not need apples help. they still have to test it to test it to see if it will work. the last minute change is raising some questions. like why was the government saying that only apple could unlock the phone? >> the government should have over our data and over our privacy. >> cammy: and to reiterate what he said, we need to decide as a nation how much power the government should have.
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for next month, the government won't say who the outside party is. >> rob: when we talk about crime, shooting specifically, it is usually bad guys shooting at bad guys, derrick jones was not one of the bad guys, his life was taken away and no one has any idea why. >> reporter: well rob, at this point, the family has more questions than answer. derrick jones did not live a high risk lifestyle, and his family has no idea why anyone would want him dead. family and friends are remembering a father of four. he loved being around the people in this crowd. >> derrick was a fun loving guy, he liked to go out, have fun, took care of his kids he was
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>> reporter: there is a void in his parent's heart they have questioned about who killed derrick and why. >> we want to know why you did this to our child. >> reporter: the spot where derrick was gunned down is a place where his friends usually try to avoid. it. >> reporter: she was with him that night. video shows an individual passing derrick on the street and then then following him.
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was laying on the ground. >> reporter: for now the family is praying for help and they won't give up trying to find who killed their loved one. >> one of the things he said, is can't stop, don't stop. that's one the things that we are trying to do, trying not to stop. >> reporter: that the night, derrick had gone back out it his car to get his phone. nothing of value was taken from derrick. rob back to you. >> rob: there is a 2000 dollars reward for information. if you have any information please call call crime stoppers at 352-3040.
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fatal crash last night has a history of drunk driving. officers say he was speeding when he rear ended another car. and the man in the car was killed. he has been arrested twice in the past for drunk driving. and that, by the way is the same bridge that a car fell from last week. the car is still at the bottom of the river. crews were hopeful they could pull the car out today, but the current was still too strong. >> rob: a former corrections officer found himself on other side of the jail cell this weekend. they busted kyle jord an on a sexual abuse charge. he used to be a corrections officer.
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new tonight, a fight between heirs of the family business ended up with the brothers have to pay the sister as a lot of money. they actively worked to keep their sisters from receiving the fair share. they allowed their father to make changes to his will after a stroke. three of the sisters are getting (17) 800-0000 178,000,000 >> tonight temperatures got into the lower 50s. tomorrow you can add about ten degrees.
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hamilton. we are definitely going to see morning. you can expect the lower 30s. here in cincinnati, we will see the mid-30s for most of us. winds have calmed down drastically. winds are around 0 to 5 miles per hour. those winds are really going to help heat things up over the next 24 hours but mostly clear skies tonight and tomorrow. >> cammy: erica, thank you. greater cincinnati has far too many children living in poverty. it was at topic of the local 12 town hall meets tonight. angenette levy joins us with more on and discussion. >> it is difficult to touch on each the causes in an hour but we gave it atry.
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hall. six panelests took questions. including from social media. >> you don't choose who your parents are. children are born in poverty. what situation can we create, no matter where you are born, you have the same opportunity to get wherever you need to go. >> i think that once we have platforms such as this, and we put accountable people at the table, we are going to do a better job. because this is what i am. i was born to be of service. i come from a serving family. >> i'm going to give you $2 million bucks what are you
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>> we are going to invest it in safety and housing. >> reporter: another issue discussed, the amount the money spent on chied hood poverty initiative. that total is put at $1 trillion per year and it doesn't seem to be helping the problem. >> cammy: thank you. and if you missed the town hall you can still watch it on >> rob: the zika virus infects another person in kentucky.
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travelling to an another country. a girl killed in a hiking accident will have a funeral thursday. she slipped and fell. the 22-year-old was a graduate of not ra dame academy. >> she was outspoken. if she thought something she would bring it to you. she was respected for that. >> she was set to graduate from college this spring. >> cammy: a boy is going to be laid to rest. anna richie is in jail for his
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after she put his leg in scalding water.
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about the unlv >> rob: we continue our look tonight at childhood poverty. at 6:00 we told you about debbie bowman and how she broke the cycle. >> hope means a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. i've' been hoping to succeed in life and it looks like i'm on
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>> reporter: that wasn't always the case for 12-year-old stephen. >> would you have thought you could have gone to saint x before the program? >> it has brought me here and there is going to bring me from here to here. and i'm proud to be a scholar and to try as hard as i can. >> reporter: they are two of 24 scholars involved in boys hope, girls hope. >> to change a life, to change a family, to change a generation, is kind of the foundation.
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charge, debbie bowman. >> these kids, i can feel their energy when it is negative, i felt it. >> reporter: both of them want to go to saint xavier high school and that's possible because of boys hope because they take educational guardianship of the kids. >> we are strict and tough, and you have work to do. many times they say, maybe this isn't for me, but they realize in the long term they are going to get to a great place. >> reporter: there are plenty of positive influences. >> we really don't have the vision for our lives, we know what we would like to do, but
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slim to none. getting into boys hope is great. >> reporter: it turned him into a person with directions and goals. his journey wasn't always easy. >> there was an element of survivors guilty. >> boys hope is the way to break the cycle of poverty. >> if my standard is only high school, when when i have the child just like by the lay of the land their only standard is high school. so we are perpetuating the same
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>> reporter: the statistics back up the stories. 86% graduate from college. >> i know where i'm going. >> boys hope, girls hope has allowed me to live life op person. to be the reason to make someone smile. >> cammy: that young man has a bright future. children typically enter the program between 8-12. this year, five scholars were graduate middle school and go on to high school.
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for grabs tomorrow. voters in arizona, idaho and utah head to the polls. wins for donald trump and hillary clinton would get them closer to locking up their nomination. more than half the voters have infavorable opinions of both the front runners. 57% of registered voters aren't fans of trump, 53% don't like hillary clinton. meanwhile the vice president will be in town tomorrow. we will be here supporting former ohio governor ted strikland. >> we aven tell you stories
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by robber, tonight we have the story of the clerk who who got the last laugh. the clerk locked them out. and as you can see. watched as they tried to get in. they didn't, and eventually ran way. they were armed and police are trying to track them down. >> rob: excited about another beautiful day. >> i think we got to take the good with the bad, in the 60s but probably winds pretty constant. so we may have some things blowing around tomorrow. we had a beautiful day today. win winds were a bit breezy. but a cool evening. kind of that in between season. but tomorrow morning you are
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you warm because temperatures are going to fall into the 30s. take a look outside from the atrium medical center weather camera. this is a nice clear shot of downtown cincinnati. temperatures right now are in the lower 40s at the airport. folks like hamilton are in the mid-30s already. lower 40s for most of us elsewhere. winds have calmed down with the loss of the heat and lights, after sunset we are going to see well. around an area of high pressure, you get clockwise flow. we will continue to have these southwesterly breezes tomorrow that will sun will help to warm
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60s. will be possible. here is what's happening on satellite radar. area of high pressure down to the south will continue to provide us to dry weather overnight. we drop in the 30s for all of us, but the high pressure keeps us dry. a few clouds overnight. 36 in cincinnati. lower 30s for a lot of us. so, that's where we start off tomorrow morning at 7:00. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. by lunch time into the 50s. it is going to be on the windy side. 20-25 miles per hour. so we gear up for our next system which will be a rain
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we will have more moisture around in the form of clouds. isolated chance at best. by thursday rgs we are look at a wetter day that's the day you don't want to forget the rain gear. 60 for a high, pretty mild to start and finish but may see some thunderstorms. we dry out for friday, also cooler by about ten degrees, back into the 60s for easter weekend. chance for showers on sunday. temperatures around 62. start off dry, better chances for rain late in the day. then rain monday with temperatures around 54. >> cammy: buzzer beaters are
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on the losing >> aly: all right so we have to remember to keep this is perspective. let's put ourselves in the sports buble. it has been a heart breaking year for cincinnati teams and fans. they have been left with the what just happened moments.
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most recently buzzer beating decisions in the march madness tournament. friday uc lost to saint jo's. and last night, xavier losing on a skate away corner three after wisconsin inbounds with two seconds remaining xavier was called for an offensive foul. one thing after the next for cincinnati teams. >> i don't see how the bengals don't win that football game. >> i don't believe in that stuff. that's sports. it is what it is. >> i said it to myself, not again about 50 times, not again. it's been happening all year
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>> no would could understand that we emotion when it went in. >> aly: not bad luck, just sports. own skinny has rated the top losses. head over to vote. >> aly: so just three days after the bearcats season came to an end, unlv has been able to talk to cronin. hoosiers head coach, tom crane not going any where. four seed innian na will place in the sweet 16 for the first
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around, who did marvin a customer tweets "bank fees make me physically ill. #overdraft" how do you respond?
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"hashtag not the bank's problem." at huntington, she can link with her savings account and then we transfer the money for free. we do that. for a fee of $10. to transfer her own money? hashtag obviously. free transfers from savings when you're overdrawn. welcome to huntington -- one of money magazine's best banks in america. >> aly: it is time to leave that sports bubble for one minute back to the general life bubble, grats to aj green and his wife, they are expecting a little baby.
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a father, mccarron. the bengals continue to stay at the top of defensive spending. they have been the top # of highest paid defenses since 2012. this month, the signing has told over $19 million that's with safety taylor mays. >> most baseball fans have been counting down open day since the final day of last season but they open up officially two weeks from today. they will wrap up spring training on the 31.
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padres. joey votto with his second homer
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don't >> cammy: final check of weather erica? >> going to be chilly the morning.
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62 for the high. but windy. >> rob: thanks for being with us everybody. see the tomorrow night. >> cammy: good night.
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